Book-banning a waste

Book-banning a waste

September 29, 2014

Stupid Cupid

KJ Cox, Staff Writer

February 12, 2014

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It’s... Read more »

Proud to be a Bronco

Shelby Dupont, Opinions Editor

January 30, 2014

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In our day and age, gracious people come few and far between. Throughout this year, we have proven that is not the case at Denton High School. Our student body and community have come together on... Read more »

Dress to impress within guidelines

Maggie-Mae Ellison, Staff Writer

December 3, 2013

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I wake up for school and the first thing I think about is what I’m going to wear that day. It’s a thought everyone has at some point before leaving their house for school. When preparing I take the school dress code into... Read more »

Sex isn’t a talk to be hidden

Darieous Scott, Staff Writer

November 20, 2013

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One thing I find funny about the topic of SEX is the way that people address it. It’s funny how parents or adults talk about sex to teens like they have no idea what it is. Whenever sex is brought up to some people... Read more »

Teens should use caution when trick or treating

K.J. Cox, Staff Writer

October 18, 2013

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It’s Halloween, and neighborhoods are filled with children who are dressed up and eager to get as many treats as their little hands can grab. But along with kids you see the occasional teenager going trick-or-treating... Read more »

Supporting your school a key to success

Darieous Scott, Staff Writer

October 14, 2013

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               When you’re on the field, or the court and you look in the stands and see people’s faces you’ve known your whole life cheering and edging you on to do your best it just gives you... Read more »

Prom, another expensive night

Dimitrios Aerts, Staff Writer

May 1, 2013

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The final blow out party before graduation, the last big sha-bang before everyone leaves for college or the military, and the night that couples decide to take the final step into their relationship. This is prom, the most wonderful... Read more »