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HOSA students qualify for nationals

Ambrosia Jackson, Staff Writer

Screaming was heard miles away from Corpus Christi, as three girls jumped up and down in each other’s arms.

Those three young ladies McKayla Cecil, Julie Flores and Daniella Romano-Olivas all underclassmen had just accomplished something nothing they dreamed possible. That was capturing first place in the state HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) competition.

The trio of sophomores had to make a lesson plan. They elected to do one for a 3rd grade class. During their lesson plan they made sure to teach about the food groups, nutrition, and exercise. The girls kept documentation and when they finished they presented their portfolio to the judges. Their presentation beat out 18 other teams.

“It was fun and competitive to be able to compete against other teams,” Flores said. “We were all just so excited that we won first place. It was a really big thrill for all of us.”

It doesn’t stop there for the three girls and sponsor Emily Parks. The group is getting ready for nationals which will be held June 22-25 in Anaheim, California.

“It’s so exciting and a wonderful thing for all of us to experience,” Romano-Olivas said. “No one thought this was possible, but it shows that hard work can pay off. Sometimes I wonder if this is still real.”

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