American Horror Story lives up to the hype


The much-anticipated third season of American Horror Story has so far lived up to the hype, and appears to be the best yet. It is a unique television show that is a mixture of an anthology series (every season is a completely new story, but with the same actors) and a horror show. Coven is about a school for young witches set in New Orleans, and the plot is filled with voodoo, witchcraft, and black magic. Along with the witchcraft, the story focuses on intense themes such as racism, sexuality, and broken families.

This show isn’t for the weak of stomach, considering the amount of blood and gore packed into each episode. What I love about this anthology series is that you get to watch the actors grow into each new part they play each episode.  It’s different from any other show on television. The realness of the characters breaks my heart and makes the plot more daunting because I can feel the intensity of the events along with them.

American Horror Story: Coven follows the pattern of the past two seasons with it being thrilling and suspenseful, but it still manages to captivate audiences with a completely new storyline and new concepts. Overall, I have to say that this season shows promise with a great plot, dynamic characters, and, of course, an exceptional amount of blood and guts.