Beth Barron

Senior Beth Barron has more on her plate than most of the graduating class has all year long.

“My dream is to become a professional actress,” Barron said. “It has been for as long as I can remember.”

This is a dream that doesn’t come easy, it takes hard work and dedication for something that some might call an unreasonable dream to come true.

“One of the biggest things to remember is to never give up,” Barron said. “You just have to remember that one day you’ll prove everyone who doubted you wrong.”

To achieve this dream, Beth has made herself an active part of every theatre production and kept all passing grades in her all AP classes, while juggling her social life and job at Chicken Express.

“It gets really difficult at times,” Barron said.

Beth also performs her self written poetry at Amitea’s Play your Soul event twice a month.

“Performing gives me such a rush,” Barron said. “It keeps me motivated to follow my dream to do what I love and make money from it.”

Beth plans on auditioning for KD College of performing arts.

“I’m really hopeful,” Barron said. “This audition will pretty much determine my future for me and I’m under a lot of pressure to do well.”

Free time is something very hard to come by in the life of Beth.

“In my free time I really love hanging out with my friends,” Barron said. “I like to dance too, and watch reality TV.”