Eminem is back and better than ever with his newest album


Eminem—The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Grade: A

Guess who’s back (back again)? That’s right; Shady’s back and better than ever. By the time this album came out, most hip-hop fans had already heard “Rap God,” in which Eminem raps 100 words in just 16 seconds. The rest of the album is full of awesome wordplay and creative stories, too. Just listen to “Bad Guy,” in which Eminem portrays an obsessive fan who kidnaps Eminem and locks him in the trunk of his car while he drives on the freeway, or “Love Game,” in which Eminem and Kendrick Lamar describe their experiences with the ups and downs of love. On top of that, what other artist could possibly have the talent (or the nerve) to rhyme “betrayed,” “key chain,” “cliché,” “beat-break,” “deejay,” “instant replay,” “b-day,” “crazy as me, wait,” “freeway,” “until the concrete gave,” “re-paved,” “dream state,” “freeze-ray,” and “heat wave” in a matter of 45 seconds and make sense of it all? Thanks to producer Rick Rubin, the beats on MMLP2 are reminiscent of old-fashioned 80’s rock music, which sounds surprisingly good alongside Eminem’s raps. The album isn’t all about showing off, though; at the center of it all, Eminem displays true emotion. There’s his broken relationship with his father in “Rhyme or Reason,” his forgiveness for his mother in “Headlights,” and his memories of his twisted childhood in “Legacy.” MMLP2 undoubtedly restored Eminem’s place as the greatest rapper alive.

Choice Tracks: “Rhyme or Reason”; “Legacy”; “Rap God”; “Love Game”; “Headlights”; “Evil Twin”