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Fanfiction is a form of writing in which fans write fictional stories based on something already published. Eric Molina has his own idea about people who write this genre.

 “When I think about people who write fanfiction, I used to see creepy old women,” Molina said. “Creepy, old, mid-forties women whose children have left the nest, so they get into a show and write about it and it’s creepy and sexual and sad.”

 Molina now writes fanfiction about the popular television show, Supernatural. He has gotten to know more about fanfiction and the community of writers. His newfound hobby of writing and posting fanfiction with his friends has helped him form a more educated opinion about fanfiction authors.

 “I got to understand people who write fanfiction through Tumblr,” Molina said. “They write fanfiction and they are around my age. They are writing these stories that can be really funny and creative. I think people write fanfic because they want people to laugh or spread a message.”

 Being a fanfiction author requires writing skill and originality. Fanfic writers are people who spend a lot of their time making their work inventive and inspiring to themselves and to readers. Sophomore, Kaeley Qualls, is one of these writers as well.

 “I like the creativity that people have in fanfiction,” Qualls said. “They can use their imagination to say how they would want a story to go with characters that other people already came up with.”

Qualls started writing One Direction fanfic about three years ago. Automatically, Qualls was tagged as “creepy, sexual and sad;” although that wasn’t the case.

“I’m not weird, I’m creative. I can use my imagination to say how I would want a story to go with characters that other people already came up with.”

Qualls now writes Supernatural fanfiction with her best friends and loves it.

“I think of people who write fanfiction as introverted, creative, imaginative people who don’t have the guts to go out and talk to people,” Qualls said. “That’s true for some of us, but just like everything else it’s just a stereotype.”