Live to tell the story

The title of “Lone Survivor” fits the description of the movie, but it doesn’t guarantee how the cine will be played out. The trailers and title both in unison describe a bleak story where none of our country’s finest heroes escape, except the fellow played by Mark Wahlberg.

Yet, it’s an outstanding account of awning time before Wahlberg becomes known as the “lone survivor.” Playing as a thriller before that, we see the 2005 seals mission take a turn for the worst.

Based on an account by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, “Lone Survivor” is an outstandingly accurate and adequately made war movie. The movie plays out as an old war movie at first, showing the tough and vigorous training that the Navy SEALs have to go through. Some crude humor is added to flesh out the intensity and bring back the humanity of these amazing people, which really helps out.

This group of elite Navy SEALs are tasked with eliminating or capturing Ahmad Shah, a militia leader aligned with the Taliban as part of an operation called “Red Wings”. Hiking for hours on a steep mountain to find a position to scout their target and his surroundings, the seals dig themselves in to wait for communication with base and to pursue their options.

Command had only reported a small militia to be guarding the village Ahmad would be in, but the team soon found that to not be the case. In fact it could be considered an army. After circumstances turned for the worst. The seals were in the fight for their life.

The next hour can only be described as graphic and heart wrenching, with turns for the worst at every corner. There are no words to express the feelings through the situation that they faced, but as it states in the title, there is only one survivor.

“Lone Survivor” is a movie made for anyone that loves the military, serving their country or supporting it. The acts of heroism these gentlemen displayed is profoundly amazing.