Williams’ and Rivers’ deaths like losing family

2014 has been spastic from an entertainment perspective. Just recently we lost two big comedians, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. They were both on opposite ends of the spectrum from a comedic standpoint. Joan Rivers was better known for her talk show ‘Fashion Police,’ where as Robin Williams was recognized through his acting career. What made these two unique was their distinct ability to turn the most simple things into a laugh; they were also cherished and well known by many people around the world and especially the United States. Both Robin and Joan passed away too soon and still leave behind heartache to many.

I will never forget the feelings of anguish my family felt when we heard of Robin Williams passing away. We were watching the evening news; and at the end of the broadcast it was announced very quickly that Robin had passed away. Our very talkative family fell silence as we all sort of stared blankly at the screen. It was almost as if there was a death in the family. My father’s night came to an abrupt end as he was saddened by the news. The impact on my own family was so large the news left us all sick to our stomachs for the rest of that evening. Immediately I went onto social media to see that it was not just my own home affected and that many were upset about this tragedy.

Robin Williams was someone truly magical and gifted in every sense of the world. His ability to take and uplift the hearts and moods of many people across the globe was amazing. What made Robin Williams a legend was that his presence was international. He himself embodied what it meant to be a true entertainer. He took boundaries that many would draw and completely erase them. Instead of crossing a line, there wasn’t one. Often he spoke about his troubles as if his entire life were a joke; however we know it was far from it.

There are very few people in the world that believe that Mr. Williams was pure hype, and that he really wasn’t funny. The best argument against those few would be his résumé. IMDb shows he won 66 awards and was nominated for 75. Awards such as an Oscar for Good Will Hunting, a Golden Globe for Mrs. Doubtfire, and three Academy Awards; it just goes to show that Robin wasn’t hyped. His death is heartbreaking to me because he was one of the most reliable comedians to make me laugh. He was a comedian that the entire family could enjoy and you could watch any time of day. It wasn’t necessary to hide him on late night television, or turn him off when the parents came into your room. No, Robin Williams was someone truly special and had plenty of years left to inspire, and make many around the world have a brighter day.

I hadn’t known about Joan Rivers until ‘Celebrity Apprentice’s’ season eight back in 2009. The show took a deeper look into her life and showed who she was as a person. That year she won that season by earning over a million dollars in donations for her charity God’s Love We Deliver. They provide food to those who are too sick or unable to cook for themselves. From that point until this day I respect all that Joan has done.

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Joan was another prime example what it means to be an entertainer. She began in 1965 as a guest on The Tonight Show. No woman has ever broken so many barriers comedically for women. Rivers was the first woman to ever host a late night television talk show. She even won a daytime Emmy for being and outstanding talk show host.

Many have forgotten all that Joan Rivers had to topple in her time. Sexism was huge back in her day. Mainstream media was dominated by males, even more so in entertainment/comedy. Joan was remarkable because she had the courage to say what many did not. She spoke her mind, as intuitive as she was. She also added a new perspective to things that were once taken for granted. A prime example was her most recent show, ‘Fashion Police.’ It took a comedic and different perspective on people’s clothing. We often make fun of peoples attire, but none of us could do it better than Joan Rivers. As a true entertainer Joan remained to be very opinionated. Joan Rivers was an exceptional comedian, who was groundbreaking for women.

Both Joan Rivers and Robin Williams were remarkable. Even though their lives have passed, the content they created and the lives they affected will continue on for ever. Generations will be reminded of these legendary comedians and I hope that we can forever preserve their image.