Cattle, more than making money

It’s not all about the money for senior Garrett Taylor.

Taylor, who has raised cattle since he was about eight or nine years old, does it for the love of these incredible creatures, not the money so many people are after these days.

“My favorite part about raising longhorns is that they are so fun to be around when they’re little and just watching them grow up,” Taylor said.

His ability to raise the longhorns has earned both him and his longhorns a few prized positions.

“I recently had a calf that got three bronzes because it is the biggest longhorn calf for its age group,” Taylor said.

Although he is passionate about what he does, his future does include a furthered education.

“I’m undecided about what to major in, but I know I’m defiantly going to college,” Taylor said.

Taylor has learned this trade from his father and said it is one of the ways cattle raising has benefited his life.

“I have gotten to spend a lot of time with my dad and he has taught me a lot,” Taylor said.