Courtney Mitchell


Senior Courtney Mitchell spent her summer relaxing on the beaches of North Carolina and South Padre, knowing that once two-a-days hit in August, all that free time would be gone.

That is because Mitchell, who is the head student trainer, would be back on the field working 15-25 hours a week until school started.  Now that school has started, she typically works 12 and half hours a week.

“This summer, I went to summer football practice and made sure all the trainers did their job,” Mitchell said. “I also do anything Coach [Ian] Scott asks me to and makes sure all the players have water or a trainer, if they get injured.”

Mitchell takes on the responsibility of making sure everyone does what they are supposed to and everything gets done. Coach Scott goes to Mitchell first for anything he needs to get done because she has earned her head student training position.

“Being a senior is part of it but I’m also responsible, trustworthy, and can get stuff done,” Mitchell said.

After three years of training Mitchell knows that it’s hard work, but there is still time to have fun and make friends.

“Out on the football field the trainers always have fun being together and joking around or goofing off, but never too much, there’s a balance between work and fun,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also enjoys Anatomy and Physiology, with head trainer Coach Renatta Delello, and hopes to go to college for physical therapy.  Training has brought out Mitchell’s want to help people as a lifelong career, but the excitement of being a trainer doesn’t hurt.

“I like helping people; I like to see them smile. There is also the adrenaline rush when an athlete gets injured in a game.” Mitchell said.