Photo by: Staff Photo

Stopping for a selfie to post on Twitter, DHS Faculty join United Way and AmeriCorp volunteers in building raised beds for the Evers Park Community Gardern. Evers Elementary students and local community will plant vegitables in the beds.

Giving back to the community has been a long-standing goal at Denton High. This fall, principal Dan Ford created a hashtag #DHSCares to bring recognition to Broncos for their ongoing contributions.

“We came up with #DHSCares as a symbol we could use all year long to emphasize how much our staff and students care about our community,” Ford said.

Faculty and staff have already put #DHSCares to use by participating in a school-wide community service event.

“At the beginning of every year the DHS staff gets together to do some sort of team building activity,” Ford said. “So we signed up to help multiple organizations like Keep Denton Beautiful, Habit for Humanity, and Denton County Friends of the Family, and used #DHSCares.”

Ford wants students to use this hashtag for any community service activities in which they participate.

“We have so many students who are incredible people and do amazing things,” Ford said. “I want our students to start using #DHSCares for every community service project they do. All they have to do is take a picture of them helping the community and tag.”

Ford’s goal is to advocate and give thanks to those who contribute; whether it be at school, in the community, or even on a larger scale.

“Too often, the negative is emphasized at our school, and we plan to change that,” Ford said. “We want people to use #DHSCares to promote the positive things that go on in our school.”