Getting college credit

The announcements boom over the speakers announcing the IB Program. Handouts are passed out all over school and people talk about the IB program, but most students don’t have a clue about what the program is truly about and how it can benefit you in the long run.

The International Bachelorette or IB program is made up of six different groups of classes: math, history, English, science, an elective, and a foreign language. Each student has to take one class from each group. Plus the “three other components are the C.A.S. hours, the EE [extended essay], and T.O.K. [Theory of Knowledge].” Beth Hughes, new IB coordinator, said.

The IB program, unlike AP, “challenges students to go outside their comfort zone and not just pick and choose their best subjects,” Hughes said. In order to be placed in the program all their state credits have to be up to date.

“Probably one of the biggest rumors we hear is that the size of the work load is enormous,” said Hughes. “It’s “similar to a college freshman, a lot of studying. It’s definitely not a blow off year.”

Hughes comments were echoed by several students who enjoy the program, but are kept very busy. If you join IB you’ll have to give up a lot of your social life, said Raven Vincent.”It does slow you down, but will be worth it.”

Although the work load is hard the rewards are just as big. “Students walk out of here with twenty-four hours college credit,” Hughes said. “We are preparing them for the next step college.”

Vincent agrees that the rewards make it worth his while. “Oh yeah definitely! I think getting scholarships is important,” he said.  “It may be hard, but getting a full ride for your college education is worth it.”