Gracyn Brewington: Not Just Another Athlete


Actively involved theater, freshman Gracyn Brewington sets the standards high for all to follow. He blows people away with his natural charisma that makes the stage his home.

“I’m really excited for this theatre year,” Brewington said. “Everyone has been really welcoming so far and I want to try to do every show.”

Theater hasn’t always been Gracyn’s passion though; it took a little extra shove to get the football jock to find love in the arts.

“I got involved in theater because I got put in a theater class in seventh grade,” Brewington said. “The teacher Mr. Taylor really encouraged me to try out for a show after seeing my personality. Then, after I got involved, I couldn’t stop.”

No matter what, Brewington will always be an active theatre kid.

“I love it too much to quit now, everyone in the department has been really welcoming and friendly. I can’t see myself anywhere else,” he said.

Although Brewington will always be passionate about theater; he does not plan to make a career out of it. He has bigger plans.

“I really want to be a teacher and a coach,” Brewington said. “I really like to help people comprehend things that they don’t understand. Mostly because I’m a people person, I don’t hate anyone unless they give me a good reason to.”