Jamie Morgan

Dancing on the stage during the school play and singing down the halls on her way to class, Jamie Morgan, 9, has a calling for the arts. That has given her a passion and dream that she hopes will lead to a career.

Theater and Choir, why?

“I do theater and choir because they make me happy and it’s a safe place to be myself. “

What do you enjoy about these arts?

“I get to sing in choir- Singing is my passion gives me a chance to feel like I’m needed in something. Why do I do all this? I plan to go to Julliard in NY.

Do you plan to make a career of either one?

“Both of them [Choir and theater] because they are my passion and I have the potential to make it my career.”

What got you to that point of, ‘hey I want to continue with this.’?

“In sixth grade I started theater, and my theater teacher, Mrs. Couls, and my dad supported me and told me it was my calling so I accepted it and fell in love with it. And my church choir got me into singing.”