JJ Suwuh

JJ Suwuh is a percussionist for the band, and he became the snare captain his senior year. As a freshman he went to state solo and ensemble and received the “Outstanding Percussionist” award the same year. Though exceptionally talented as an individual, he has the most fun playing with the others in the drum line. They won 6th place in the Lone star competition senior year. His favorite memory of DHS comes from drum line camp when it was pouring rain, but the drum tech told them to “man up” and keep playing despite being soaked. After high school he plans to attend college at either Texas Tech or OU and major in architecture, something he’s been interested in for a long time because he likes drawing and designing. Architecture is also one of his talents; he placed second in the state competition, Technology Students of America, where he designed and modeled a one and a half story building. The design is harder to create than one or two story buildings. Between school, band, and his job he finds time to attend church meetings and hang out with friends. Being with friends is Suwuh’s favorite part of high school, and the adjective he describes himself with is friendly.