Mr. Laney selected as Career and Technology Teacher of the Year Nominee

Laid Back, Cool, Relaxed, and Fun are all words that students and teachers both have used to describe Mr. Laney’s Agricultural Science classes.

Laney enjoys teaching Landscape Design, Ag Mechanical and Metal Technology, Small Animal Management, Equine Science, and Principles of AG, Food, and Natural Resources.

“It makes me feel really good to be nominated for this award, but at the same time I guess I wasn’t expecting it so I guess I don’t know how to feel. But good on the sense that I have only been teaching here for three years. It makes me think that I am doing something right” Mr. Laney said.

Laney has taught in the Denton Independent School District for a total of six years. Three of them where here at Denton High School, two at Guyer, and one at Ryan. During his three years at DHS, he has felt more at home than any other campus he has taught at.

“Denton feels more like a home town campus or a home town school. Denton has more traditions, everyone feels like they know everyone. Where, at Guyer and Ryan everybody gets lost in the crowd.” Laney said.

Laney goes out of his way to do lots of stuff. It could be going to help a student with an animal or taking students to an FFA meeting. He can also be seen during the summer, before or after school going to a meeting for some agricultural group in town, driving students all over the state of Texas.

“Along with having fun, we actually learn a lot. Last year I thought I knew a lot about pigs but I knew nothing compared to what he has taught us.” Sophomore Harrison Popham said. “He’s not like any other. He’s like a friend, somebody I know I can come to, somebody I can always trust, and somebody I can understand. In my other classes I feel bored but in his class I am always alert and ready.”

Mr. Laney influences students positively. He tries and leads by example; he gives students examples of Right and Wrong or Ethical and Unethical things to do. Mr. Laney uses real life stories and examples about what should have done or if it was a good thing that was done.

“He inspires students. He has a willingness to help any students” said Ms. Parks.

Laney wants his students to have the same attitude and experiences that he has each day.

“If students are bored, they’re not going to learn. If there not having fun, they’re not going to want to learn. Classes should have students wanting to be in that class. Learning shouldn’t be a job it should be fun, everyone should look forward to it” said Laney.