Miles ahead: Junior reaches BPA nationals

Miles ahead: Junior reaches BPA nationals

The business world is a shark tank, filled to the brim with large monstrous creatures that thirst for blood, money, and cold hard cash. The DHS Business Professionals of America club, or BPA, hopes to prepare these students for the business world.

One of those students who has benefited from this training, junior Miles O’Keefe has come out on top. O’Keefe qualified for nationals, which will be held May 8-12 in Orlando, Florida.

“I’m very excited about nationals,” Miles said. “I’m surprised I made it to state. I did not think I did well when I turned in my test.”

Miles is competing in Fundamentals of Web Design where he demonstrates his knowledge of web coding and syntax. BPA sponsor Brian Redding is very proud of his achievements in BPA.

“Miles is the best,” Redding said. “He’s the cream of the crop.”

Miles compares BPA competition to a simplified version of UIL, in the sense that you compete against other schools and students in categories. The competition includes a 15 question multiple choice test, followed by creating a functioning website from scratch.

“I was really sure I’d lost at state,” Miles said. “I didn’t see my name in the top ten after I competed.”

The next day on the car ride back from Houston, where the state competition was held on Feb. 28, Miles was just ready to get home.

“Ms. Parks got a text and asked me what competition I was in,” Miles said. “I told her and then she said I had won first place and didn’t stick around to get my award at the ceremony.”

While also studying for BPA and his classes, Miles somehow finds the time to run multiple websites of his own creation.

“My main project is,” Miles said. “It’s a project I did last summer. It’s pretty much a social network that values what you say rather than who you are. Everything is anonymous, and it’s also uncensored. My goal is to be a junior web designer, then become a software engineer which design stuff like Google.”

Competing at state level isn’t a walk in the park, but nationals is the peak of competition. Miles will have to be ready.

“I’m just hoping that my self-taught skills are up to par with what they’re expecting,” Miles said. “But more than anything, I’m really excited to think about what would happen if I won.”

Miles hopes to get one step closer to reaching his dream in Orlando.

“I wouldn’t mind being the next Mark Zuckerberg,” Miles said. “I would not mind that at all.”