Mitch Damon

Mitch Damon

Looking through the doors of Kerri Burgess fillies’ room there stands a strongly built buff looking football player. As you move in closer there stands Mitch Damon, who just might be one of the strongest freshman football players.

To many it might come as a surprise that he enrolled in dance class, but he said he got the idea from the super bowl winning Chicago Bear team.

“I do it because Walter Payton had his super bowl winning team do it, so I figured it couldn’t hurt,” Damon, who plays center on the football team said. “When I go to workouts in the morning then come into dance, it helps with a lot of the soreness. I feel like my muscles can breathe.”

Dance gives him a chance to express himself physically and take a moment out from his grueling day stacked with pre-ap classes.

“Hard work pays off, and the way it helps me out throughout the day is phenomenal,” Damon said. “If you’re not in dance you’re a loser.”