More than a game

Bonding with her fellow teammates is way more important than winning the game for freshman basketball player, Leah Bowen.

“It’s a family sport, because you get really attached to your teammates and we always take up for each other,” Bowen said. “The bonds we share are stronger than any happiness we could feel by winning a game.”

Leah started playing basketball in seventh grade, because her family had always played, and she wanted to give it a shot. She ended up liking the sport and wants to continue playing through college.

“When I am really stressed out or in a bad mood, I play and it helps take my mind off things.” Bowen said.

Bowen practices almost every day except Saturday and Sunday. She doesn’t mind though, because if she had free time, she would choose to play more basketball.

“I would definitely recommend basketball to people who want to stay active.”Bowen said.

Leah gets along with most of her teammates, says the coaches can be a bit rough because they are both men.

“I think it’s hard for them to understand girl’s emotions a lot of the time, so they can be pretty harsh,” Bowen said. “But I think the advice they give us and the pep talks are only to make us get better at playing.”

On game day Leah is extremely nervous. To help get pumped up for the game, her and her teammates dance or play active games like Little Sally Walker or Red Rover Red Rover. When the game starts, all of her nervousness disappears.

“When the ball is tipped, I’m still a little nervous, but when the game starts I’m not nervous at all,” Bowen said.  “I don’t have a nervous bone in my body.”