Mrs. Love selected as English Teacher of the Year nominee

Her love of writing and Literature is only matched by her love for Antigone, the tragedy by Sophocles.

It’s that passion that Julie Love has displayed for 11 years at DHS that earned her a second straight nomination from her department for teacher of the year.

“It feels very humbling,” Love said, who has been nominated three times said. “I look at all my peers, and I don’t see myself as teacher of the year.”

No matter how many times she is nominated, it seems,  Love will always find it an unexpected pleasure. She is truly humbled to be nominated out of all the wondrous teachers in the English Department.

“It’s an honor to be nominated” Love said.

Matt Rainey, head of the English Department, has known Love for four years and admits that it was not a hard decision to nominate Love.

“She’s a very hard worker and cares for her students,” Rainey said. “Her passion and time have been her most valuable contributions. Anyone will tell you the same and she’s very good at tapping into a person’s creative spirit.”

Love is very serious about her work, and her primary objective is to make people interested in literature. However, this dedication can sometimes make it difficult to relate to her.

“She gets excited and goes into so much detail that she sometimes loses track of time,” Rainey said. “It’s very hard to relate to someone or something if you don’t have an interest.”

The English Department sees her as an invaluable, hard working teacher who loves to write and her former student, Michael Husbands, couldn’t agree more.

“She’s an excellent teacher, she makes hard material easy to understand,” he said. “For me, English is very difficult and I feel I learned more in her class than others because she made an extra effort to teach me.”

Katharina McNatt is one of  Love’s current students, and she had nothing but positive feedback for her.

“She’s one of my favorite teachers,” she said. “She’s really sweet and I like the way she teaches.”

Katharina also enjoys how Love is down to Earth and her respectful nature. Mrs. Love truly tries to put a piece of herself into her work and wishes that all her students could appreciate the wonders of reading and writing.

“Writing is a very personal profession,” she said. “It’s very public and very profound as well.”