Ndeye Roxxy Diop

The best word to describe senior Ndeye Roxxy Diop is knowledgeable. She has in the past taken -part in playing for her schools soccer team and tutoring her fellow peers in chemistry and French. Roxxy plans to attend London University next fall so that she may major in international relations. The person who inspired Roxxy to choose this major was her father who is a diplomat. Roxxy aspires to follow in her father’s footsteps because he loves what he does.  Though Roxxy can already speak French, Portuguese, Wolof, and Seiere quite fluently she constantly attempts to learn more and more languages. In fact, at the moment she is learning how to speak Arabic! Knowing so many languages will undoubtedly aid her throughout her lifetime. Roxxy has traveled to many countries in Europe and Africa due to her father’s profession. She would also love to travel to Fiji one day. A conflict Roxxy has faced during high school experience was when she first started going to public school. She had trouble adjusting to the student’s behaviors and lifestyles.