Passion for art

Texas native, Joshua Hill has always had a passion for art.

This passion has led Josh, a senior, to a daily ritual of drawing and even landing himself apart in an art show.

Josh developed a talent for art using it as a way to free him from everyday problems, as it is something that can be interpreted in many different ways.

“Art has always been a way of expression for me.” Hill said. “It’s just being able to do what I want.”

When Josh plays the drums; it’s the same way for him. He gets to decide what he plays and how he plays it.

“It’s just like with creating art,” Josh said. “You are the master.  It’s the visual you want to create for others.”

Josh, whose friends like art as well, has a different way of looking at things coupled with an artistic streak that really makes his artwork unique.

“I like abstract and illusion scenes.” Hill said. “My favorite artist is probably Salvador Dali. I like his abstract pieces that are realistic at the same time.”

Hill’s creativity has grown immensely since his younger years when he first knew that he wanted to do something involving art.

“I started drawing when I was in elementary school.” Hill said. “From that point on, I knew art was my future.”

Josh’s passion for the arts has always been something his parents have supported him on.

“My parents both embraced my decision to pursue art.” Josh said. “They have always been supportive of my decision and done what they could to help me.”

Over the years Hill’s skills have drastically improved.

“I do about 95% of my drawings in pen,” Hill said. “The harsh, dark lines create definition while the lighter lines soften it up.”

Hill plans to go to college at the University of North Texas and then see where life takes him.

“Art has always been my hobby and something I really care about,” Hill said. “I just take life one day at a time. Just treat the world as your oyster and  go after what you want.”