Place named teacher of the year nominee


“He has a gift.”

Christina Galindo believes teachers have the ability to connect with their students in a special way, and she knows Teacher of the Year nominee Señor Don Place does.

“It was an honor to be selected and to be a part of the top ten,” Señor Place said. “Other teachers see you as a role model and it’s a good feeling inspiring teachers and being known to the community. I was proud of myself because to get the award, you have to work hard, and I work hard. At least I think I do.”

Each department picks a teacher who is involved and cares for the student body to succeed. The teacher has to do a lot extra things outside of the classroom as well with helping with clubs and being involved in the community. Place in addition to teaching spanish is the sponsor for the National Honor Society.

“He makes sure kids take the leading role,” Galindo said. “Just being in charge of that program is huge. He has to be in charge of 30 extra students. Has to keep up with their GPA makes sure it is where it needs to be; on top of the 120 that he already has.”

Señor Place has been nominated before. This is his second time in the last three years. Señor Place teaches AP 4, IB 4, Spanish 1, 2, and 3.

“He can do it all. He is very professional, keeps his cool,” Galindo said. “He fools around, but you are learning. He is very good with connecting with his students and if he doesn’t he will find a way to help the kid be successful.”

Galindo says to be teacher of the year you have to be dedicated to your profession and look at it as more than a job. It is god’s gift to you to be able to connect with kids and be able to teach them. Place connects with his students on a daily bases.

“Señor Place is a good teacher,” Junior William Root, who has Place for AP Spanish 4, said. “He is very enthusiastic. There are many excellent faculty members, and Señor is one of them. There is tough competition, but he deserves the nomination. He makes the subject interesting. It is nice to see a teacher who doesn’t hate their job.”