Purple goes Out

On August 31st, after school, Fulton Street was hijacked by Purple Out II.

Purple out II took place immediately after school and right before the first football game.  It was a huge gathering of Broncos wearing purple and playing carnival games and enjoying food and fun with their friends.

“Beginning a DHS tradition this year, we are giving more to students,” organizer Colonel Robert West said. “The school climate has changed and we have more resources.”

He noticed a lot of things changed since the first purple out last year, and he wants to support students with the minimal cost of memorabilia and food. He thinks it was much easier than last year.

“This year we had official Purple Out shirts,” West said. “Next year, we would like to have a morning shirt fest, where you come and get your t-shirt; a one-time chance to get your t-shirt.”

He would also like to adjust to what he calls Purple Out timing.

“I want to make it longer, like a field day,” West said.

He wants Purple Out to become a big deal.

“Everyone needs to know how much pride Denton High School has,” West said. “I want to MAKE IT BIG!”

West feels like, overall, it was a success.

“The objective was to have fun,” West said. “We met the objective. Financial wise it was not successful as last year, but it was a huge success in bringing the Broncos together!”