Q & A with Tyler Proffitt


Photo by: (Courtesy)

Tyler Proffit stands on the field before the team played Alido.

George Roberson, Staff Writer

Tyler Proffitt has had one thing common for most of his life. That is the passion his parents instilled him at age 4 on the soccer field. Once his parents enrolled him in soccer, he fell in love with it and has taken it on as a passion every since.

You win games and lose games, either way make every game count,”

— sophomore Tyler Proffitt

When did soccer become a part of your life?

“In the year of 1999 at age 4 my parents enrolled me in soccer.”

Why did you stay with soccer?

“It started becoming my passion, something to do that I enjoyed more than anything else.”

What influenced you take on soccer?

“I saw the talent that I had and the career I could make out of it later in life.”

Do you hope soccer will continue to be part of your life after high school?

“Yes, I hope to get a scholarship and play in college and maybe become professional.”

What do you like most about soccer?

“Being able to express yourself on the field.”