Savannah Robertson

                Reserved and mature, Savannah Robertson enjoys relating with a few close individuals, something away from dramatized high school life. She was born in Fort Worth, but has lived in Denton her whole life and has grown to love the quirkiness and laid back nature of the town. Savannah, with a few quirky aspects herself, has a wide range of interest and a down to earth personality.

                Savannah excels in school earning A’s in all her AP classes. She also enjoys playing the violin and says, “I could be really good at the violin if I practiced.” For now she plays violin and piano for fun. Unlike the average, TV- depicted high school girl obsessed with gossip and rumors, Savannah would rather have a close knit group of friends that are mature in attitude. Those are the people she finds cool.

                High school aside, Savannah gets along with her older brother who is now in college. However, her parents are divorced when she was nine, and she doesn’t talk to her stepdad. She also has quite an unusual family member, a ferret named Wednesday. Though an unconventional pet, she loves him as any boy would love a puppy. Another interesting aspect of Savannah is her career goal. She desires to be a forensic psychologist and plans to go to UNT. The idea of staying in Denton is not so bad to her because she likes the weird people that live in Denton and hang around the square.

                Her high hopes for the future are balanced with the simple pleasures of the present such as sleeping and going on walks. She likes to keep to herself and stay poised even in the midst of the over-exaggerated peers in her junior class.