Shiny Obsessions

She loves glitter. She really loves glitter.

Junior KJ Cox claims that she has had an affinity for glitter since birth.

“I love how sparkly and colorful it is,” Cox said. “The shininess of glitter makes me happy on the inside.”

Cox is known for “glittering” her fellow classmates. She uses this as her defense mechanism when she feels threatened. In the past, though, she has injured herself in the process of throwing glitter.

“I ended up hurting myself by ingesting glitter before,” Cox said.

KJ has been involved in many “glittering” incidents, a few including her best friend, Trinity Garner.

“Freshman year, KJ and another girl had a glitter fight where all they did was dump and throw glitter at each other,” Garner said. “Then, after they were done, they decided it would be funny to go around and hug as many people as possible. I was one of the victims of that and many of the glittersplosions [which] followed.”

Trinity has known KJ for years, and he has learned to accept that being with KJ means being with the glitter.

“She excretes glitter,” Garner said. “You’ll hug her and she won’t realize that she has glitter on, and then you look down and you’re like, ‘I’m sparkly.’”

She hopes her classmates enjoy the glitter outbursts as much as she does.

“Teachers have gotten onto me before, but I do it to make the world a happier place,” Cox said.