Srivilliputhur Wins First At Regional Science Fair

The Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair invites many qualified students to present their projects while competing for advancements into the state competition. Junior Kesavan Srivilliputhur received one of the most prestigious youth awards for a water-related science project, first place in the Stockholm junior water prize award at the regional level. Srivilliputhur also received the Texas water association first place award and the second place engineering award.

Srivilliputhur’s project was, Mechanisms of rare gas diffusion through Graphene using first principles simulations. He was inspired by the fact that people have won the Nobel Peace Prize for creating Graphene.

“I’ve always been interested in this material. I thought this could be used as a great filter so I just wanted to test that out,” he said.

Srivilliputhur has been working on this project since September of 2017 at the University of North Texas for five to ten hours per week. He reached out to Mrs. Lentz about the fair and was signed up after years of no student at the campus participating in the fair.

“I’m not only proud of his self-initiative for this project but I’m also proud of his results,” Lentz said.

Kesavan Srivilliputhur will advance to the state Stockholm junior water prize competition and the state’s science fair. In order to advance in the Stockholm junior water prize submitting a research paper that will be judged is required. Srivilliputhur is hopeful to advance to the national science fair in Pennsylvania and the International Stockholm Competition in Sweden.

“I am proud of the work I have done, but there is still so much more I can do.” Srivilliputhur said, “This is just the beginning.”