Wendell Williams

Junior Wendell Williams has gone through some up and downs during his track career. Starting just for fun in the 8th grade, Williams quit track his freshman year, but decided to give it one more try and he has fallen in love with the sport.
Today, Williams can be seen as one of the faces for the boys track program.
“I wanted to show that DHS wasn’t just a slow, blow –off squad like some of the other schools said we were,” Williams said. “I love running and doing the triple jump and wanted to prove to people I could do it.”
Williams hasn’t always been a shining star as he has had his struggles in the classroom.
“Other sports I don’t really care about as much so I let my grades slip,” Williams said. “But when it comes to track, there’s just something about it that drives me to stay on top of my books.”
His goals for track consist of helping his team to make state for at least one relay, and individually in the triple jump. After this year, Wendell wants to play every other sport and help the other teams out, but of course continue to run track.
He has one highlight that stands out more than others during his track career.
“My favorite memory so far was going to district in the triple jump and winning it despite being the youngest competitor,’ Williams said. “When I jumped a 45 on the second jump, the crowd’s faces lit up in amazement.
Track is Wendell’s passion, but as a person Wendell describes himself as really goofy.
“I’m a guy that likes to joke around and have fun, but when it comes to sports, I get serious,” Williams said. “I’m definitely a mama’s boy, and I also love to play the drums at my church.”