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Atkinson named football coach

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In a special board meeting on Tuesday night, the DISD Board of Trustees tabbed Keller coach Kevin Atkinson as their new football coach and athletic coordinator.

Atkinson, who coached at Keller High School for the last ten years, will now take over a struggling Denton High School football program which went just 1-9 last year despite having high hopes coming off a playoff appearance in 2010.

“I’m excited to be at Denton High School,” Atkinson, said. “Denton is the mother school of Denton County, and the traditions they hold attracted my attention the most.”

Atkinson, who plans to start as early as next week, spent two years in the DISD as the offensive coordinator at Ryan helping lead them to a 28-2 record after they had won just one game the season before.  He has also coached in the Grapevine/Colleyville ISD as well as the Lewisville ISD.

“I am so excited about having Coach Atkinson return to the Denton ISD,” athletic director Ken Purcell said. “I am glad he wanted to come back and he is so great for kids.”

Many things are expected to change in the Broncos’ football program, including the offense and defense that Atkinson plans to install this year.

“I plan on running a multiple formation with a one-back,” Atkinson said amongst his game plan he hopes to bring to the Denton organization. “My philosophy is run the ball in order to set up passes, while our defense will be run as an odd-front attacking defense.”

As far as the coaching staff goes, Atkinson plans on evaluating the coaches at Denton before making any decisions; however there is a possibility of bringing two coaches from his Keller High School program.

“I hope the players are excited about having new features to the football team,” Atkinson said. “We’re going to be very energetic heading into this year’s off-season.”

Atkinson doesn’t plan on waiting to turn around a program that has won just 12 games the past seven years including only four district contests in that span.

“Our goal is to make it happen and not wait until next year. We’re going to honor these seniors who have worked hard so we plan on winning next year,” Atkinson said. “What I expect to see is a lot of improvement every week. We want to get better every single day every practice and every game. When you see us in week one and then in week two we should be better and by week 10 we should have played our best game of  the year.”

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