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Chadwell to represent DHS band at State

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The band program at Denton High School has always been a very respectable and successful one throughout the years. Year after year the school band has tried out and made their way into regional competition positions and beyond.

The weekend of January 7th and 8th 18 band finalists went onward with the regional competition and did an outstanding job according to Mr. Wilson.

Although all of the students had phenomenal performances, the Broncos only had one student make the all state band. That was, senior, Andrew Chadwell on the euphonium.

“I am very happy with how the competition went,” Mr. Wilson said. “They give me more and more every time I ask for it”.

Wilson is very familiar with the excitement and preparatory stages involved with going to these regional competitions considering he has been a part of one for each of the nine years he has been teaching here at Denton High.

He is very passionate about helping his students achieve greater heights in the musical world and in life in general.

“The best part about the journey from the beginning to tend of the year is teaching the kids new things,” Wilson said.

Chadwell will represent DHS at the State meet slated for February 9-11 in San Antonio. Going back to 1970, Andrew is one of 63 students earning a spot in the All State Band. He is the first Euphonium player in Denton High School’s history to make the All State Band.  His older sister, Rebecca, made the All State band in 2007 and 2008 on trumpet.

“I have mixed emotions because none of my friends made it and were able to come with me” Chadwell  said.   “I was really surprised I made it, but I’m excited.”

Despite the bittersweet taste of making all state alone Andrew is excited to go have fun in San Antonio and represent the Denton High School Band.

Andrew has been in band since 6th grade said his inspiration was for progressing with band for so long was “Dr. Brian Bowman the Euphonium professor at UNT”.

Andrew is proud of what he has accomplished with the band for the eight years he has been a part of it, but does not want to continue after he graduates.  Instead he wants to get into the Culinary Arts field at the college of his choosing.

As for the students in the years to come Andrew’s advice is to practice, practice, and practice some more and never stop trying to get better at the instrument you play.

The regional finalists were selected on  December 4th in a competition at Timber Creek High School in Keller and eighteen Broncos made it. This eighteen included:  Eddie Jimenez, Betsy Magdaleno, Chadwell, Chris Burke, Emily Thygessen, Cory Stoneburner, Kevin Ford, Brittany Broussard, Nico Cortez, Cameron Jennings, Katelyn Troubridge, Brandon Mullens, Matt Jorgenson, Truett Ide, Alexi Dollar, Lizzie Jolly, Omar Rivera and freshman alternates Camden Hunt and Jonathon Bernal.

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