Counselors Earn Award for Fifth Time

The counseling team has won the Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas Award for the 2016-2017 school year. Awarded by the Texas School Counselor Association, the CREST award is given to counselors who efficiently prove their commitment in aiding students.


They received their award at a banquet on March 3 and a plaque will join four others from past years in the connector hall.


“Our goal is to help students and families in achieving their goals for after high school,” Justin Fields, Ph.D, said. “The CREST award really helps keep us accountable and see our impact.”


The award has a long application process with many criteria. The school does not require the team to apply for it, rather they just choose to and put in a lot of time and effort putting the application together.


“Just like students are given rubrics to assess them, we are given criteria we have to meet in order to be eligible for the award,” Fields said. “If we meet the criteria, we can assume we have a pretty good chance of getting the award.”


The award also helps the counselors track the effectiveness of certain techniques and programs they use, letting them know if they need to change, implement, or get rid of anything.


“We have to include a lot of data in the application and once we gather that data and analyze it we can determine if we are effective and whether or not we are achieving our goals,” said Fields.


There are three main aspects the counseling team covers including academics, personal and social, plus career and college. They have specific counselors for each of these categories in order to help students get the best possible help for their needs.


“Many students think the goal for us is just to get them to graduate, but we are here to help them prepare for after high school too as well as any other issues they have that might affect that future,” said Fields.


Having won the CREST award five years in a row, the team has earned much credibility and continues to bring excellent services and programs to students, encouraging them to pursue a strong academic future.