Dawn of Aquarius Review

September 24, 2015

Dawn of Aquarius, both written and directed by senior Jacob Took, takes place on a ranch in Paradise, Texas. Set around the time of the 2012 apocalypse, angsty teenager Christian Payne (played by Alex Rodriguez) is in a constant battle with his step-father, Lance Dent (played by Gracyn Brewington) over the legitimacy of his preparation.

As the date of the end of the world nears, disease breaks out and Christian’s mother, Samantha Dent (played by Carissa Walker) is called into work at the hospital leaving Christian and Lance  home together. The two begin to bond in her week of absence and continue to grow together through the remainder of the show as the apparent apocalypse runs its course.

The show is beautifully executed with talented actors and the playwright is phenomenal. The story uses the theme of unity to make you both laugh and cry, and show you that the veil of humanity is, indeed, very thin. Show dates are Sept. 24-26 and Oct. 1-3. Cost for admission is $8 and students tickets are $5.

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