Holka Polka hits stage ready or not


Photo by: Alex Plese

Daniel Dean, Kaeley Qualls, Shelby Pierce, Makayla Mitchell, and Zach Pace display their talent in their eminent roles as Gnomes during the opening of Holka Polka on Friday, October 18th, 2013.

Once every three years, each Denton ISD high schools have a chance to perform for first graders throughout the district. This year it is Denton High School’s turn to present Holka Polka to these students on Friday.

Normally a fun and entertaining show has turned into a little stress for the theater department when Mr. Thomas Stratton was hit with an illness leaving them having to scramble to pick up the extra pieces.

“So far, booster parents are helping and making sure the theater students are staying on task,” senior KJ Cox said. “ Will Tarte, a former student and Denton High graduate, also came back to help us direct the stage for a few days.”

The theater department is striving to make the show perfect for Stratton while he’s gone.

“We want to make him proud, because we know they have potential to produce a great show,” Cox said. “Its really difficult when you’re not sure if you are interpreting your character correctly or if you’re on the right time limit and it gets difficult when people start to slack off. I hope we don’t steer away from Mr. Stratton’s vision.”

Darby Birdwell, who has a key role in the play, Brenda, has noted everyone is doing their best to make the show as good as it can be.

“It does get stressful because of the organization issues, but other than that our stage manager, Mango Qualls,  is really helpful,” Birdwell said.

Despite all the changes the show will go on ready or not.

“We’ve gone through three different directors and its really difficult for the whole staff because they all have different point of views and each director has a different out take on the show,” Qualls said. “All the directors  keep changing our stage directions and its so difficult to keep up with all the changes.”