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Staff Report: 2015 Homecoming Court nominees announced

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The 2015 Homecoming Court has been set for Denton High School Homecoming Game on Friday, Oct. 17, 2015 against Wichita Falls Rider.

The nominees for senior king are Hayden Gray, Malik Minter, Xavier Scott, and Edson Vasquez. Queen nominees include Kiara Bahena, Keera Heal, Kellie Kinne, and Marlayna Kroma.

The students up for the senior jester honors are Kyle Appel, Keegan Murphy, and Josh Napier.

Junior prince choices are Eric Borst, John Nollete, and Marcus Miyatake, while the princess nominees include Hayley Naples, Paige Spehar, and Brittan Wawro.

Brian Allo, Greg Luke, and D’Angelo Young have been nominated for sophomore duke, while Mara Morales, Trinity Nelsen, and Jessica Tober have been nominated for the sophomore duchess.

Freshman lord picks were Joe Heffley, Rece Parker, and Jared Spada. Lady choices are Danielle McCane, Sierra O’Bryan, and Latasia Woodward.

9th grade nominees:


  • Joe Heffley
  • Rece Parker
  • Jared Spada


  • Danielle McCane
  • Sierra O’Bryan
  • Latasia Woodward

10th grade nominees:


  • Brian Allo
  • Greg Luke
  • D’Angelo Young


  • Mara Morales
  • Trinity Nielsen
  • Jessica Tober

11th grade nominees:


  • Eric Borst
  • John Nollete
  • Marcus Miyatake


  • Hayley Naples
  • Paige Spehar
  • Brittan Wawro

12th grade nominees:


  • Hayden Gray
  • Malik Minter
  • Xavier Scott
  • Edson Vasquez


  • Kiara Bahena
  • Keera Heal
  • Kellie Kinne
  • Marlayna Kroma


  • Kyle Appel
  • Keegan Murphy
  • Josh Napier
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