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Instead of hanging out and playing games this spring break, fifteen year old freshman Alex Cates embarked on her first mission trip. Cates along with members from her church, Denton Bible traveled to Trinidad to show that by living through Christ he will help you on your journey through life.

Cates mission group did many things that helped the people of Trinidad during her six day trip; one that made the most impact being a skit called “The Journey.”

“The skit was generally about a man trying to figure out his life through learning about the journey of Jesus,” Cates said.

The group also took part in construction work by laying down a foundation for an orphanage.

“Even though the orphanage will not be completed for another few years it was fulfilling knowing that we contributed,” Cates said.

Being only fifteen and  going to a third world country, without her parents would seem pretty scary to most people, but Cates fate pushed her through.

“I was a little nervous, but since everyone in my church had been praying about the trip for such a long time I knew there would be nothing to worry about,” Cates said.

“I cannot find the words to explain how it impacted me other than it changed me for the better.”

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