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Teachers kiss the pig, raise money for FFA

March 2, 2015

Future Farmers of America, or FFA as it is formally known as, is doing a “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser to raise money for their chapter. Some of Denton High School’s teachers are helping them out. The 5 teachers selected by the FFA officer team that will be helping out and who are being good sports are science teacher, Mr. Tim Sanchez, social studies teacher, Mr. William Matthews, English teachers, Ms. Amber Bush, Mrs. Jennifer Phillips and Mr. Seth Ross.

Each teacher has a marked coffee can in their room for collecting money. When students put coins in the can, it counts towards the teacher kissing the pig.  If they put dollar bills in the can, it takes away from the votes for that teacher to kiss the 300 lb. boar, Beauregard.

FFA will be doing the “Kiss the Pig” fundraiser March 2. through March 6. and will announce the results on The Horseshoe’s website.

******************************************** UPDATE ********************************************


As a result of the Inclement Weather closure on Thurs., March 5, 2015, the FFA Chapter has decided to postpone the collection of jars until Tues., March 10, 2015.


******************************************** UPDATE ********************************************

Poll Results have been announced… the Teacher elected to “Kiss the Pig” is English teacher, Mrs. Amber Bush.

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