Dresscode applies to all students

The new district dress code policy makes some items unacceptable to wear to school. Although students choose what they want to wear, the administrators have the final say on what clothing is allowed to be worn on campus.

The policy change is for the better of students. It prevents disruptions in the classroom from happening.

The main reason for the policy is for the safety of the students. For instance if a student is wearing baggy pants and a fire drill happens they might trip if their pants aren’t being worn properly. Situations like these could be avoided if the dress code is followed. Another safety precaution is not allowing sharp jewelry to be worn that could potentially be used as a weapon.

In the long run, an appropriate standard of dress establishes self-discipline in students and helps them prepare for their future. By having students dress for success it creates a routine for them to look more professional.

It’s easy for some to say that dress code is a gender issue because boys should be taught to not objectify women by what they wear. The truth is this policy applies to every student, gender should not be the issue.

The administration intends to enforce the dress code policy as well as they can in order to create a safe learning environment for students. Students should dress themselves in accordance to the policy so everyone can be safe. If there is doubt about an outfit when it is first put on it should be changed in order to avoid being stopped by an administrator and being asked to change into different clothes.