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NFL fines are they justified?

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You may ask ‘what happened to the hard hits that made a game worth watching?”. Or you could ask “why aren’t there any good action-packed games like there used to be?”. The answer all leads to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.


If you tune into NFL Network or possibly ESPN itself, you will see the numerous amounts of fines the NFL is committing. Most of which, come from “illegal hits” that could possibly injure an athlete.


While I’m all for the [safety] on the field, I’m also more concerned about it off the field as well.


You may remember the death of Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver, Chris Henry, or possibly-as most know- the arrest of Michael Vick. Both of these events happened due to dangerous off-the-field issues.


While the safety on the field seems to be more of a concern for Goodell, there is much to be said about the numbers of DUI’s that are taken place during the offseason. Perhaps maybe the offseason should have more disciplinary rules than the regular season does.


Theft, robbery, sexual assault, possession of drugs, DUI, DWI, and so much more arrests are made in the offseason for not only players but for coaches, due to these issues.


However, only minimal fines are made to the suspected athlete or coach.


For James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has now paid over $1 million in revenue due to his on the field issues.


The league today expects an athlete to not hit, shove, or block another athlete unnecessarily, as this could lead to another fine that will be distributed from the pockets of this athlete. However, do you believe that each and every individual in the NFL doesn’t know the risks you could take by stepping onto the turf every game-day? At a professional level, they do.


Instead of generating more problems for the NFL players, let the athlete play for the amount of revenue he works for, rather than him having to stop and think if he hits the other athlete too hard, this could convert into a fine.


It’s time for the NFL to make better calls for fines the league sees, and perhaps, maybe it’s time for the NFL to start enforcing better rules for off-the-field issues because it may not only save their lives, it could save lives of many others.

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