Off-Campus Lunch

After a long morning of working, students herd to the cafeteria ready to eat. Slowly becoming irritated at the long lines and having to squirm their way through the over crowded area, a look of annoyance seems to settle into their faces. Wondering what’s taking so long, their eyes turn to the cafeteria workers. Those poor lunch ladies behind the counters do their best to feed every student in a short amount of time. These workers look like rabbits trying nervously to feed the hungry wolves or they will be on the menu.

The closed campus lunch policy is not the best policy for the school. There are almost 2,400 students in the school who all have to eat lunch. The cafeteria staff is responsible for preparing and serving food for these students. This is a big responsibility that must be met every day.

First let’s do the math. There are four lunch periods and 2,400 students. For each lunch period, that is 600 meals. These workers would need to prepare before lunch starts for the hungry horde of students to come. Then they have less than 30 minutes to feed and prepare for the next lunch period.

Cafeteria food is not the best tasting food. However, it is not the cafeteria workers’ fault. In order to keep up with high demand, the workers have to limit choices to produce in bulk. They have to sacrifice taste and quality to meet every criteria.

Some may argue that a closed campus lunch keeps the students out of trouble during their lunch break. The closed campus lunch policy is good in that sense, but there are still students who leave campus anyways. What is the point in having this policy if such rules are not being enforced? It’s clear that something needs to change here.

I propose that the school enact a off-campus lunch policy where only students with straight A’s on their report card would be allowed to leave the school during their lunch break. This proposal for an off-campus policy has more benefits than the closed campus policy. It will encourage students to make good grades and help regulate who can leave campus during lunch.

Cafeteria workers are doing their best, but it is still not enough. Let’s hurry and have a off-campus lunch policy before the wolves eat the rabbits.