Staff Editorial: Pep Rally Changes


Photo by: Chandler Elsbecker

Senior football player Rowdy Clark is given a standing ovation by his teammates as he approaches the microphone to speak during a pep rally.

With a student body of an estimated 2,400 teens, there are simply too many students to be able to comfortably and safely seat everybody in the Purple Pit at the same time. As a result, a new game plan was introduced for pep rallies– either pay $1 or bring a canned good to receive a ticket, or don’t go.

While students had mixed opinions regarding this change when it was first announced, the outcome of the pep rally showed just how great of an idea it actually is.

Proceeds from the tickets go straight back to the school. From the first pep rally, the money collected was used to provide four $250 scholarships for seniors, and the eight and a half boxes of canned goods went to Broncos in need. Giving back to the community is what connects everyone, and with this new procedure, students can do so much more.

If students didn’t want to go to the pep rally, they weren’t forced to. Last year, some students complained about having to sit through the “boring” school assemblies, and they typically brought their negative attitudes into the gym with them, causing those people around them to not enjoy themselves as much as they could. With this new procedure, no one was forced to go, and as a result, everyone who came actually wanted to be there, creating an energetic and enthusiastic event.

As with all ideas, there were some obvious flaws. The method used for selling the tickets could definitely be improved, as not everyone realized where the tickets were being sold, and some students simply didn’t have cash on them. By using announcements that state the location and by selling tickets all week instead of just a few days before the pep rally, the process will go much smoother.

Needless to say, that was the first time, and there were going to be a few minor flukes in the plan. However, this is no reason to bash the idea. It was a new experience for everybody, and  the end results were amazing. So, when the next pep rally comes along, show school spirit and give back to your community.