Proud to be a Bronco


Photo by: Alex Cates

In our day and age, gracious people come few and far between. Throughout this year, we have proven that is not the case at Denton High School. Our student body and community have come together on numerous occasions to help one another in their time of need.

As we all know, Guyer has endured more than their fair share of hardships this year. Nate Maki and Kyle Bird were both incredible friends, students, and people. No one deserved to lose them. Denton High students didn’t hesitate to swallow their pride and support Guyer in both of those unfortunate incidents, despite our bad blood at times. From things as simple as attending football games to fundraising, we’ve been by their side throughout this troubled year.

Our fine arts department has suffered this year as well. Our theatre teacher, Mr. Tom Stratton, and choir director, Mr. Mark Baker, have both had to take medical leaves this year. Not having the people that most of us would refer to as our second fathers definitely took a toll on our productivity, but we never quit. We made T-shirts, cards, and did everything we could to get them to understand we would do anything for them. The fine arts have thrived this year as they do every year. Giving up was never an option, because we’re a family and always will be.

Jackson Strecher, a Denton High alumni of 2013 that was an active member of the DHS Theatre department, was diagnosed with a burst arteriovenous malformation (AVM) on Jan. 3, 2014. He was admitted to Neurological ICU after having a stroke due to the disorder. His friends and family never lost hope, we had fundraisers and announcements to help Jackson and his family raise the 100,000 dollars they needed to pay for his medical treatment. He is now in much better shape and open for visitors, and is delighted to see how much his friends care about him.

Denton High has reminded everyone that we’re all one community, we have each others backs and we always will. We’ve been making history every single day this year, that’s more than anyone could ever ask from a high school. I have never been more proud to be a student at Denton High School.