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Ranger fans be proud

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The 2010 baseball season has come to an end. While after Monday’s game most people might be upset, mad or disappointed, there is no reason to be. If you had told any of us Ranger fans before the season that we would make it to the World Series and lose 4 games to one, we would have taken it.

So now that we got there, we shouldn’t be disappointed we should be focusing on what we did and where we have the opportunity to go.

It was a season of firsts that saw the Rangers capture their first AL West crown since 1999. It saw them win their first playoff series in team history against Tampa Bay. That came after blowing a 2-0 lead and having to pull out an improbable game 5 victory on the road. Then came those hated Yankees who no one gave us a chance against and we took them down in six.

Against the Giants, we didn’t play well as they had the better pitching and got the key hits when they needed it, but at the same time Ranger fans should still be excited about the future.

Our infield is set for next season with Mitch Moreland at first, Ian Kinsler at second with Elvis Andrus and Michael Young at short and third. The outfield will be strong again, especially if the Rangers resign Jeff Francour.

The starting pitching has a chance to be dominant again especially if we can resign Cliff Lee. Take Lee and add C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis and that’s as formable a front three as anyone in the league. Starters four and five could come from a host of young talent including Tommy Hunter who pitched well this year, Derek Holland or possibly Scott Feldman if he can return to the form he showed in 09.

The bottom line is this is the time to be a Ranger fan and people should be excited. The World Series doesn’t appear to be a one and done trip for this franchise. The management group plans to go out and spend money this offseason to keep this team together and make them a continuous contender.

Don’t get down on the Rangers now; instead start preparing for Spring Training in just 90 days and the season opener against Boston, which is less than 90 days away.

It’s a great time to be a Ranger fan.

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