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This world is driven by money… but I already knew that. What I didn’t realize, up until yesterday, when NBC left the amazing Community off their winter schedule, is that quality doesn’t matter.

Do the best films make the most money? Of course not. Jack and Jill opened to a weekend box office of $25 million, and numbers like that encourage studios to make more movies like it.

It could be argued that it’s our own fault. $25 million worth of people went to go see Jack and Jill. When we stop going to see these movies, the studios will stop making them. But then again, we would go see a correctly marketed art film if it got a wide release… wouldn’t we?

NBC’s decision to suspend Community is a slap in the face to quality. I’m not asking for them to cancel all the bad shows, because I know they get good ratings. But when a show as unique as Community comes around, you have to give it plenty of chances.

What NBC is really taking out of their lineup is an art-form. Each week, when I tune into Community, I don’t know what to expect. It’s exciting and fun and really, really great.

Community will not survive if it’s pitted weekly against The Big Bang Theory. And I get the feeling that it won’t survive at all on NBC. But, if this is the case, I hope it finds a happier home.


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