Tardy Table: better late than ever?

In order to make sure students get to class on time, administrators have started a new procedure. When a student arrives late to class, they are sent to the Tardy Table where they have to explain to an administrator why they were late. After receiving a pass, they are sent back to class.

The Tardy Table is good because it encourages students to get to class on time.

This new procedure will benefit students now and in the future. The Tardy Table teaches students to be punctual for events inside and outside of school. Students are going to get in the habit of being punctual to class, current events ,and in the future, all of this is due to The Tardy Table.

No student wants to be face-to-face with an administrator interrogating them about being late to class. The impact of The Tardy Table has been significant due to the decrease in tardies this year compared to last year.

As an added bonus, The Tardy Table is also going to help prevent crowded halls. Since students were not in a rush to get to class last year, crowded halls were very common. This year however, more students are focused on getting to class on time instead of chatting with friends in the middle of the hall.

Many students disagree with this new procedure because it may be an inconvenience at times. They argue that going to the Tardy Table and explaining why they were late only delays them more. Getting to class on time actually prevents that inconvenience, both for the students- the teacher and class they would have disrupted.

Because of the Tardy Table, students tardiness has decreased. Classes are starting on time rather than waiting for students to arrive. This means there will be more time to teach, more time to learn, and better grades.

Despite the success, accidents do happen. If a student is a few seconds late to class, administration should leave it up to the judgement of the teacher whether they want to send the students to the Tardy Table or not. Teachers should simply close their doors and start class.