Bronco athletes sign to colleges


Photo by: Daniel Ryan Carr

Nine Bronco athletes from spring sports sign to colleges. The event was coordinated by the Denton High Counselors.

Seniors are ending the school year with different aspirations to do a variety of things. Some of these seniors have the chance to play sports for the colleges that they’re studying at. The nine athletes who signed are Roman Arnold, Michael Adami, Mariah Seastrunk, Cy Ward, Michael Husbands,

After high school, it’s somewhat normal to stay close to family, but that’s not the case for Senior Michael Adami.

“Starting next year, I’ll be playing water polo for Redlands- a college in Northern California,” Adami said. “I was looking for a school that offered water polo as well as a good education. It’s kind of rare to have both of those just because not many schools have the water polo program. If they do have the program, it’s usually a school that’s almost impossible to get into, schools like USC and Stanford. I needed to find one that I would be accepted into.”

The school year is coming to a close and with that being said, Adami is excited to start living the college life.

“I can’t wait to begin college at Redlands,” Adami said. “My mom and I actually visited the campus last summer when we went to California for a water polo competition. I loved the school so I emailed Redlands’ water polo coach and he talked to my club coach. After they talked, I received a spot on the team.”

My main goal is to work hard and get better,”

— senior Cy Ward

Adami has chosen a school that’s more than a thousand miles away, conversely, Senior Cy Ward is remaining close to home.

“I have the opportunity to play football with McMurry College, a school in Abilene,” Ward said. “Playing football there, I’m going to have competition. The guy playing there in my position has already played for McMurry for a year so I’m going to have to prove myself. Although my main goal is to work hard and get better.”