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Broncos in hunt as second half play begins

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Having missed the playoffs the past five seasons the boy’s soccer team is looking for a spark to help find a groove to make a run in 2012.

After the first half of district play, the team is in a five team race for three playoff spots. The team in their first six games posted a 1-1-4 mark. Birdville is in control of first place, while Keller Timber Creek has yet to win a district game and sits in last place.

“Going into the season we expected it to be a tight race across the table and our results to this point only reinforced this idea,” Denton head coach, Scott Heffley said. “I think we are all a little frustrated with the ties, but at the end of the day, we have kept ourselves right in the thick of the playoff hunt and are in a good position to make a run.”

Ruperto Guttierez is leading the way with 7 goals and 2 assists, along with Josh Harden who has 2 goals and an assist. The balance throughout has been a key to the teams success thus far.

“I am pleased with the improvements we have made and the effort our team is giving,” Heffley said. “I will be even more excited once we start getting wins out of these close games, we’re close.”

A problem the Broncos have seen, however, is the insurmountable amount of injuries which has left Heffley to make some game time decisions.

“We have been fortunate to have players fill in for injured teammates when called upon, but there’s no doubt we are a much stronger team when we are at full strength,” Heffley said.

With the second half of district play beginning tonight against Lake Dallas, a team they tied and trail by one point anything can still happen.
“The race for playoffs will come down to the wire,” Heffley said. “To give ourselves a chance, we will have to pull off some wins from these close games. With the way these young men are working, I like our chances.”

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