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Clerihew earns trip to regionals

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Having sat home and watched a friend of his advance to the regional tournament a year ago, junior Alex Clerihew was determined to not let that happen again.
Alex who placed fourth a year ago moved up two spots this year to finish second in the district tournament.  He won his first match (6-0, 6-0( over a player from the Colony and then defeated a student from Rider (6-1, 6-3) to advance to the finals which advanced him to the regional meet to be held April 16th and 17th in Abilene.
“This year I felt like I did better and prepared myself more, therefore I was able to qualify for regionals,” Clerihew said, “My goal from the start of the year was to qualify for regionals and I did and now I will just try to do my best to see how far I can make it.”
Alex hopes to achieve the same success as he saw his friend achieve when he won regionals in 2010.
“I’m looking forward to the experience of going to regionals,” Clerihew said. “I saw freshman year a teammate of mine win so I’m looking forward to that experience. In order for me to have the same success I will have to play real well.”

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