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Denton advances to playoffs

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The Denton Broncos were left in shock and surreal emotions Friday night at Tommy Briggs Stadium, as they pulled off their fourth win of the year beating The Colony 28-25.

The win officially put Denton in the District 4-4A playoffs, their first time since 2002,, which was emotional for all involved including head coach Randy Patzkowski.

“I’m kind of numb right now. I’m just so proud of all these kids and coaches who have worked so hard,” said Patzkowski. “These kids have fought all year and overcome so much. We have improved so much as a program, but we still aren’t where we want to be just yet.”

If you don’t remember, Denton was a complete underdog in just about any game they played this season. At times this season, the team struggled to make tackles on defense, fumbled the ball away in key offensive situations and struggled with their offensive line.

Bu, on Friday, those problems seemed relentlessly avoided, and for the most part, Denton’s offensive line blocked off every chance for the Cougars to blitz in and sack the young quarterback, Dentton Hudspeth.

As a result, Denton had a 270 yard rushing night, and just enough time for Hudspeth to throw for 190 yards completing six passes and one score. Of those yards, 146 were owned by receiver Matthew Perry.

“Our offensive line did a great job up front of handling their kids,” Patzkowski said. “They have been beleaguered all year, but when we needed them tonight, they stepped up. I just can’t say enough about them.”

Hudspeth, who finished off the night with well beyond 300 yards on both passing and rushing combined, started the game with early-action and led his team down the field which setup a one yard run for senior running back, Darren Smith.

When matters came down to it, Denton had the lead with five minutes left to play, 21-18. With a handoff to Denzell King inside The Colony’s ten-yard line for what appeared to be a game clinching touchdown, but King fumbled the ball and the Cougards took over.

It wasn’t too long until you heard the names of Gerald Thomas and Garrett Simpson hooking up on the thirty-one yard passing touchdown to put the Cougars up, 25-21 (after a Nate Fox successful PAT kick).

The Broncos sideline was being pumped by their enthusiastic teammates as they tried to make a comeback for the fifth time this season.

Hudspeth led his crew out onto the field and they promptly made a name for themselves. Hudspeth put his team within distance of a win. With 1:40 remaining, Denton had to score, and Hudspeth made sure of it. He snapped the ball and ran in for the end zone on a five-yard rushing touchdown, putting their team up 28-25 (with the help of the freshman kicker, Michael Husbands).

The Colony received the ball back with no time to spare; however, it gave them a chance to move the ball into Bronco territory, but an interception to Denton and uplifted the Bronco team to victory.

The Broncos will play Hereford in a bi-district game matchup at the Mustang Bowl, in Sweetwater, where the Broncos hope to knock off yet another team filled with a desperate need for a win, and advance towards another week of playoffs.

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