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MLB Roundtable with George, Jackson, Jordan, Mike, and Mr. Simpson

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Major League Baseball Roundtable with George Roberson, Jackson Strecher, Jordan Tucker-Willaford, Mike Karas, and World Geography teacher, Mr. Todd Simpson

Who will win the World Series? Why?
George: Texas Rangers. The pitching is about equal, but the Rangers have better hitters.
Jackson: Texas Rangers. I think that, collectively, they have a better team. They have better players than St. Louis.
Jordan: St. Louis Cardinals. I just think that Albert Pujols is too good, along with their defense and pitching.
Mike: Texas Rangers. They now have home field advantage after a win last night.
Mr. Simpson: Rangers in 6. Their bullpen is better, even though the teams are tied in everything else.

How long will the Rangers continue their AL West dominance?
George: If they get C.C. Sabathia, as is rumored, then it’ll go on for years to come. If not, it’ll probably still go on for years.
Jackson: They should keep it up for a couple of more years. They have a good mix of young and veterans alilke.
Jordan: They’re not going to be as good, but they do have young players like Feliz, along with veterans like the aging Hamilton and Cruz.
Mike: They should continue to dominate as long as they’re willing to keep their budget high.
Mr. Simpson: As long as the checkbook holds out. They went from being bankrupt to being one of the most valuable franchises.

So far, who has been the MVP of the Rangers’ playoff run?
George: Come on. Nelson Cruz.
Jackson: Nelson Cruz. So many reasons.
Jordan: Nelson Cruz. No doubt.
Mike: Josh Hamilton. Great hitter.
Mr. Simpson: Elvis Andrus. Because of his defense last night.

Which playoff team this year needs to be fixed the most before 2012?
George: Milwaukee. When Prince Fielder leaves, their “one-two punch” will be gone.
Jackson: If forced to pick, I would say Milwaukee, but nobody needs it more than Boston.
Jordan: Philadelphia. They have a lot of weapons, but it seems like they don’t know how to use them.
Mike:  Milwaukee. I don’t know what’s going to happen after Fielder leaves.
Mr. Simpson: Detroit. They need more pitchers. I think that’s why they lost.

Who will have more success in their first year: Ozzie Guillen in Miami or Theo Epstein in Chicago?
George: Ozzie Guillen. Hanley Ramirez had an atrocious year and Josh Johnson wasn’t healthy, but they still have talent. I don’t think either team will make the playoffs, though.
Jackson: Theo Epstein. Besides being successful in Boston, at least he can speak English.
Jordan: Theo Epstein. He had a lot of success during the past year in Boston, I think that might carry over to the Cubs.
Mike: I think it’ll be about the same.
Mr. Simpson: I like Ozzie. The Cubs seem like they get good players, then it all goes wrong.

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